Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bile Hati berkata (aku ingin berbahasa melayu)

Bila hati ku berkata..aku malas nak kerja..kaki ku sangat lah berat nak diangkat dan melangkah..tapi..harus kah aku terus kan perjalanan ini?kerana terlalu banyak benda yang belum di capai hinga ke saat ini...Mungkin jauh di sudut hati ku berkata...ini bukan kerjaya yang ku mahu...tapi atas desakan keluarga..aku akui,ku teruskan jua.tapi..harus kan aku lakukan sesuatu yang bukan ingin ku..?yang bukan angan ku?
Bila hati ini berkata..sampai bila rasa cinta mu akan bertahan bersama si dia..jika orang tua mu tidak merestui chinta itu.sampai bila kan cinta u dapat di pertahankan?dapatkah aku menikmati RESTU dari org tua ku?setiap malam hatiku berkata..sampai bila?adakah teman ku sekarang seorang yang betul boleh membahagiakan ku?hati ku bertanya?nyata jawapan nya :AKU TAK PASTI:kerana setiap halangan ibu..ada hikmahnya..skali lagi hati ku berkata..sangup kah aku menyakiti ibu yang melahirkan ku..hanya kerana chinta yang belum tentu penyudah nya..perit rasanya bila hati ini berkata-kata...mungkin saya perlukan pendapat dari readers2 yang sudi membantu saye thanks

Monday, March 30, 2009

credit card

hohoh..this tyme i'll share with u guys my beloved readers bout 1 stupidy things that happend to me!from d headline u guys shud noe whut is d topic for tuday..ya ya ya!!its credit card!hek hek..i owned a few credit cards..i duuno y tuday i felt like..hummm..Come on girl lets do some culculation ur my credit card debts and suddenly i got a number of MYR7k..OMG!this is so really bad..ok ok let me tell u y suddenly i am so worried on my $$$??hah..the answer is.after me n bf watched a muvee called "the confession of a shopaholic" (her characters are 199% same as me) and finally she's all broke..and suffer because of her crdt card..i dunt want to be like her...but i already be like her??so whut am i suppose to do?run to ATM..CASH OUT MYR7K and do the payment and im free for my entire life..this is on my head ryte now..its okay if will run out of cash..rather that gettin the monthly interest of MYR70-MYR80!i dunt want plastic nymore...hahahha!god help me!hehehe..whuteva it is...i'll get my thing settle before april end!!
i hate credit card!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monday bLues

Pagi2 bangun,seawal 6am..after siap shower..ciap2 cket start engine..terus head ke rumah bf ku.spanjang perjalanan di temani blowing from kenny G membuat kan aku rase mcm OMG..I HATE MUNDAY..I WANNA SLEEP!!heeheh..but as whut recorded in my personal file( too much mc's)so i have to reduce the numbers of day..bak kate org skrg coverline sikit la beb,kan?Traffic was really bad..but luckly im a type of person yang tak tension tyme jammed.hehhe.reach bf homie at 754 Hours..then he send me to work.arrive at 0830hrs.then get maself prepare for the weekly meetin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ahhhhhhhh...started at 900hrs and end at 10.00hrs.i felt like its a 5hrs meetin cuz its MONDAY!hehe..rite now..1138 thinkin of where shud we have sick of same food..but nothing seems to be bettter than the same i'll go for the ayam cili padi..bendi goreng,kuah masak lemak cili api.yumyum.Hey gurl!!do u realize that this is not a healty meal...yeahh i noe.haha.but whut to luvin it babe!
im also thinkin of whut to do afta muve??na na na..boring!!makan?no way..!karaoke?hummm..sounds gud.lemme tink of it :)

Weekend OH Weekend

I hope everyday are i can enjoy game at homie.hehhe..
This week?oh ocay..i spend 1 day..duin makeup for d bride n groom.its a very enjoyin moment where i've learn how to pakaikan songket to d groom...i really lurve the eye makeup that i've done..its so very blue :) same goes to their songket's.everything went PERFECT except me argue with my bf..argghhh i hate this part!but this tyme..mistake come from me :(
but he's damn i can say both are wrong ryte?hehehhe..but at last..he text me..and we r back to normal...whut a life la...pening betoi..uuppss..i hit d dvider at T junction (1 minute before i reach ma homie)..but im so scratch on my car..alhamdllah..hehe!
u wanna noe my Sunday Mood? up at 12..then run to kitchen get some =)
watch muvie with family..went to tesco Ampang (so damn murah) to get some groceries.then visit ma granny..arrive homie at 23.53 hours.Nothing interesthing thing I GUESS.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Love Life

I guess everyone hav their own love for me..its damn complicated.wondering y?we argue everyday..juz bcoz of a tiny little things that can be settle in a proper manner rather than screamin..or sayin bad things!i am reaaaalllly dissapointed with the way he treated me cuz things are really diffrent when we first knowin each otha.Sumtyme i felt like im juz wasting my fuckin tyme wif this fuck up guy..but when i sit all alone...dig whuts inside my heart..i really lurve him..BUT!!!!!WHY i have to love this kind of guy?do u think he will change??no he wouldnt..mum used to say..whut annoyed u now..annoyed u more later!!that is fuckin true man!
BUT...BUT owes makes us forget every negative sides of our partner..and i really hate this stuck in it..stuck in this stupid c2ation.i hope one day he will noe how much i lurve him..and pray he'll change..but I DONT TINK SO!!!


Freedom & Frenship

hey guys..this will b d 1st post for this 2009..its been so long i have'nt up date all my routine..I missed so many time for my own cuz i cathing up times for others.Reason y im sayin this is because..since last week..i felt like"COME ON GURL U NEED TO GET SOME REST.U NEED TO PUT A FULL STOP!"and since that day..i try to put my self in any c2ation that involve things that i like d most =)..(not jaga hati org lagi) jahat!for duin makeup on weekend (im luvin it)..spend tyme with my gurl fren..went for holiday with my boyfren..have dinner with family!chill out when im stress.
To be honest with you beloved readers.i am a type of person who really2 easy to communicate wif.BUT..theres a BUT..hehhe.i rarely make frens with people cuz for me..its better for me to have a quality fren who owes with me..rather than a quantity fren who will bring me up to TROUBLE!!this thing happend last few year!and i was damn fuck up!
Till now..i only have a small amount of fren..but truly fren who i luv d most!to all my fren..i luf u guys..thanks for everything..i wouldnt let u downn...ahahha.dah terkeluar topic ni babe!peace out!muaxx!!xoxox

p/s: To the world you are just one person, but to one person you could mean the world. Sumetyme when I find myself fading, I close my eyes and realize my friends are my energy.